What to Say in a Job Interview

Knowing what to say in a job interview is critical to your interview success.

“I want this job.”

You may not know that you want the job until after you leave the job interview.  Keep selling and moving forward through the interview to do the best job you can of getting a second interview or a job offer.  Keeping the process positive increases the likelihood that a company will feel positive about you as an applicant.

Simply say that they you want the job and why you want it.

“I solved these problems.”

Before you go to an interview, list examples of problems you have solved.

  • Describe the problems.
  • Explain the things you did to solve the problems.
  • Discuss the results.

Here is a simple example of a problem people solve in customer service.  Often customers line up single file to reach a booth.  The line backs up into other shopping areas.  You set up a switchback rope system that reduces the floor space customers need to reach booth.  The result is a saving in floor space and a more orderly flow of customer traffic to the booth.

 “Can you tell me more?”

You show interest when you ask for more information.  Sometimes you will not understand a question or get the point an interviewer is trying to make.  You may even find that you are dealing with a person’s objection.  A sales device in dealing with a buyer with an objection is to ask the person to help you understand his or her point of view.  You can phrase the question in this simple statement.  “Can you tell me more?”

”I exceed goals.”

Have examples of times when you exceeded goals your company set for you.  Explain the goal.  Discuss the details of how you created a plan and the steps you took to exceed the goal.

“I have studied your company, and I like what it does.”

Always prepare with details about the company that is interviewing you.  Know the details of the job.  Have a list of things that you like about the company and about the job for which you are applying.

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