Why Send a Thank You Letter After a Job Rejection?

Nothing is over.  Companies make offers to their leading candidate.  However, people turn down job offers.  When this happens, companies may turn to the next candidate and make that person an offer.

Sending a thank you letter after an interview might just be the missing piece that can get you a job offer.

Furthermore, sending a thank you letter after a job rejection might be the missing piece to getting an opportunity for a different job at the same company.

You have had an interview with a company where you would like to work.  The job is perfect.  You enjoyed meeting the people at the company.  The location of the job is ideal.

To stay connected with the company and get feedback on your interview, you should send a thank you letter to the primary contact and a copy of that letter to the rest of the people you met for interviews.

Sending a thank you letter is always a good idea after an interview.

  1. You increase your chances of getting an additional interview.
  2. You set the stage for a more positive next meeting.
  3. You increase your opportunities for getting a job offer.

Some companies see a thank you letter from applicants as a critical factor in the interview process.  Without receiving a thank you letter, these companies will not bring an applicant back for further interviews.  Thank you letters have a greater influence on the interview process than many applicants understand.

Why Send a Thank You Letter After a Job Rejection?

When companies reject you, you can get angry and frustrated.  However, companies are making business decisions during the interview process.  They are not making a personal decision against you.  Rather than getting angry, get appreciative of the fact that the company gave you an interview.

Even when a company rejects you, it is a good idea to send a thank you letter to each of the people you met in the interview process.  These people can become can become part of your increasing business network.  A thank you letter after a company rejects you can help you build new relationships.  The thank you letter can even get you another interview with the same company for a different job.

A letter something like this one might work:

Dear [name]

I enjoyed meeting you and other people who work for [company name].  I would be fortunate to work with the kind of people your company hires.  What impressed me most about the position for which I interviewed was [your own statement of what impressed you most].

I will follow-up periodically and continue to check your company website for additional opportunities.


A thank you letter only takes a few minutes.  With the simplicity of an email, you can send the letter to everyone you met in one short email.  If you choose to send a letter, a card, or an email, taking time to say thank you, even when you get a job rejection is a great idea.

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