Winning Teams: 5 Traits that Lead to Team Success

Winning Teams: How is it that some teams continue to win while other teams continue to lose?  What are the things that winning teams do differently? Here are some traits for team success.

The power of winning teams exceeds the power of the individual members. ~

Winning Teams: 5 Traits that Lead to Team Success

All teams must have a common purpose or a mission.  Furthermore, even though team members have diverse skills, great team members have common traits.

1. Team Members Own Their Mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes.  On winning teams, the members admit them and do not repeat them.

Additionally, members of winning teams quickly correct their mistakes and move the team along successfully.

2. Winning Team Members Know Their Job Description.

Members of winning teams know their job description.  They read it with their team leader.  They discuss the goals and responsibilities of their jobs openly with each other to collaborate effectively.

Furthermore, they are conscientious.  They know how to do their job, and they do it correctly.

3. On Winning Teams, Each Member Allows Others to Do Their Own Job.

Being a team player and helping other people occasionally is one thing.  However, on winning teams, each team member must let other members do their assigned work.  Like a team of horses, team members empower the team by allowing everyone to do their job.

4. The Most Talented Team Members Know When to Lighten Up.

Learning how to lighten up about the efforts of the team boosts morale.  Not everything that a team does is perfect.  Team members make mistakes.  Team efforts don’t’ always meet expectations.

Talented team members know to lighten up and not take team frustrations personally.

5. Winning Team Members Give Credit to the Team.

Team members deserve credit for their effort.  However, team members bond and become more powerful when they celebrate as a team.