WordPress for Career Marketing

If you are making a career move, a great way to get  your name out there is to build a website.  WordPress will provide free website software and free Internet hosting for your website at WordPress.com.  If you want to publish the website on a web hosting service, WordPess still provides free web-publishing software at Website.org.

If your are not familiar with how to publish a website, there is plenty of information on how to get the job done.  I have found some of the most professional and helpful people on two groups on Linked In.

WordPress Experts


Also, WordPress provides instructions on every  aspect of their software, and there are instructional videos and articles on using WordPress software on YouTube, eHow, about.com, and countless other places.

A word of warning:  Wordpress is fun.  You might find it is kind of addicting, but you can have worse addictions than learning how to market yourself and maybe even set up a web enterprise, right?

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