How to Turn Worries into Plans

I used to think that a certain amount of worrying was healthy, productive.  Over time, I have found that worrying is really counterproductive.  Worrying makes me tired and causes me to become confused. When I am worrying, I am not finding a solution to anything.

What happens when I worry is that a painful idea comes into my mind my and begins to draw my attention. Eventually another idea will come along and push aside the worry.  However, eventually the subject over which I was worrying will return in my mind, and I want to buy into the idea that if I let worry continue, I will find some solution to whatever is on my mind.

Instead of solutions, I find that I just get the same worries that are distracting me from the important things happening in the present moment.

Planning is different from worrying. When I am planning, I may be dealing with the same subject that had been the cause of my worries.

Planning starts with writing things down.  I find that writing things down can take the sting out of worries.

Then I can write out my options. I can start to build a solution. Once I have the subject on paper and have begun to understand what is wrong and where I need help, I can write down solutions.  I can begin to form a plan of action.

Then I can call someone and go over my plan. Another person can help me understand where I need help more clearly, especially when I have written things down.

The circular thinking of worry will end.  I am working with a solution. I now can see the options instead of just running the same painful idea through my mind.

I need to remember that I want solutions not worries, and plans create the opportunities for me to have solutions.

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