Be Extraordinary: Leave the House or Office During the Day.

Isolation is a threat to being extraordinary.

If I stay alone in my office or alone in my home, I begin to believe my own thinking without question.

The mind is a dangerous place to go alone.  I heard a person say one time that people should should never go into their mind alone.  “They do drive-by’s in there.”

Of course I can turn on the television or the radio and check something on the Internet.   For me, all of these activities are diversions, but they are still forms of isolation.  I pick television shows and radio shows or Internet locations that confirm what I already believe.

If I leave my home or my office, I move into places where I see and hear people who are picking their own way of doing things and saying things that originate in their mind.  I learn things that I may not have selected to learn.  I get a chance to quit listening to myself, and getting a break from my own thinking can be refreshing.  I will find myself thinking, “hmm, I didn’t know that” or “wow, when did those things change?”

If I stay out long enough, I become aware that I have legs and feet.  I begin to notice how my shoes are fitting and, if I am wearing jeans, how they rub my legs and make noise when I walk.

So to be extraordinary today, I am going to go out.  I am not getting in a car.  I am going to walk.  I am planning on an hour, but I will allow my body to go where my mind decides it should go as I move along.  Two hours is a long time for me to be away, but the experience of moving out into the world can be so powerful and refreshing that two hours out of my office and out of my own thinking might be what I need.  After all, I do want to be extraordinary.

“The World’s Most Noble Headhunter!”

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