Be Extraordinary: Make Plans.

Every day at 8:00 AM, I go over my plans for the day.

I establish the status of my business with existing customers and what needs to be done to further my business with these customers.

I review developing business and set priorities for turning those prospects into customers.

I establish how I will proceed with each task for each customer and schedule an activity with the name of the customer and my objective for that activity.

My plan for the day is on a spreadsheet that I share with Jennifer Wren. She and I review the plan together. Some of the prospects may have lost potential. When this event happens, I know that I need to focus on redeveloping potential with those prospects or on developing new prospects.

Because of the nature of the layout of the plan, I can read the name of each customer and potential customer as I go over the plan. By reading each name, I mentally call them to my attention. I discuss with Jennifer each customer and schedule an activity as needed. I find that by reading the name of each customer and asking what activity needs to be planned for that customer, the plan for the day becomes the action for the day.

The days when I rush into activity without reviewing the plan are not as productive.

“The World’s Most Noble Headhunter!”

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