As a recruiting firm, we at Jay Wren CPG Careers specialize in finding people through our own independent research.  We only search for superstar talent, and we only search where you find them: that is, where they live and work.

We keep up an internal database of tens of thousands of prospects.  We review and extend this database through direct referral as well as through our proprietary data development platform.

It is our goal to bring you applicants who have the talent, skills, knowledge, personality, experience, potential for long-term success, and personal goals to be successful in your company.

We use criteria that enables us to know that the applicants have already been through screening processes that pick the best people and do the best job of training these people.  Our focus is on people who distinguished themselves from the crowd.

People who have attended the most selective universities.
People who have distinguished undergraduate college records or graduate degrees.
People who have been junior military officers or perhaps attended college after serving in the military.
People who have maintained a career track that has progressed with their time in industry.

We value our clients and look forward to the opportunity to helping you fill your vacant positions with people who will bring value to your company.


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