Face.com adds Age Recognition to List of Apps

Face.com adds Age Recognition to List of Apps.

In Technology Review (MIT), there is an article on a facial recognition web app that can approximate a person’s age.   Tom Simonite, author of the article, tests the software on a picture of Alex Baldwin.   The technology used for the test is a Face.com software and follows other applications from Face.com, a company whose products include “Tagger Widget,” “Poster Yourself, ” “Celebrity Finder,” and iPhone’s Facial Recognition application.

As Dwight Silverman points out in his Houston Chronicle Blog, Android phones have facial recognition and  facial recognition applications have been around since the late 1990’s.

The development of the Face.com “Age Meter” represents a major step in the capability and applications of facial recognition software.

For a better understanding of the Age Meter and other Face.com applications, even if you are not a developer and are just curious or want to add some excitement to your Facebook pages, you can find a timeline of the development of Face.com’s applications on Face.com Developers’ Page.