Is it Marketing or is it Better?

“All natural”

In jest, Johnny Carson posed a question one time that basically asked, if it is not “all natural” where did we get it?

Although a lot of people wonder the same thing, clearly a better understanding of how products are produced and distributed has led to healthier food and a cleaner more sustainable environment.

Retailers and manufacturers put so much effort into creating an image of their products as being all natural and environmentally sustainable, I sometimes wonderful how much the message loses credibility and significance.

What I wonder is if some marketers might be better off showing how great a product taste, how beautiful the product is on your table, and how effective the food or natural body product works than try to sell the idea that it is all natural, and simply tag their products with a small logo that reads “all natural ingredients and preparation.” Sell the sizzle not the steak.

When I look at the advertising for some companies who promote all natural, I tend to question whether what they are saying and doing is anything other than a claim.

A consultant once recommended that I put a label on my website to indicate that my site is environmentally safe; that it is green.  To me, it seemed that as soon as I labeled my site as green, people would wonder what I was hiding. My site is a site.  Like all other websites, it contains no carcinogenic hydrofluorocarbons, no phenylalanine, and is completely gluten free, is all natural, and I believe is completely safe for people of all ages.

For me to state that my site is green reminds me of the story of the guy who was awarded the humility button, but had to return it, because he wore it.  Just making the statement that my site is green raises the subject and may make people wonder what I am covering up by saying that.  A far better idea would be for me to write a story crediting people who as volunteers cleaned up after an oil spill or a person who worked as a volunteer to help farmers make their irrigation systems cleaner.

So I wonder sometimes when I see a company advertise all natural, environmentally sensitive, if that company has made a better product or are they just jumping on the marketing band wagon.