If you are considering a career change that involves a relocation, you no doubt are finding that you have a lot of things to consider.  Four website that you might find helpful include are cost of  living calculation comparisons:

Sperling’s Best Places

According CNN/Money, if you move from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA and have an annual income of $75,000, you will need $102, 363 to be even.

Here is the itemized list:

Groceries will cost: 6% more

Housing will cost: 121% more <= noted!

Utilities will cost: 20% more

Transportation will cost: 7% more

Healthcare will cost: 9% more.

Another site that parents might find helpful is  The site receives funding from the Walton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  It should be no surprise that this site is rich in content as well as incredibly rich in presentation.

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