6900Job Spec

Sample Job Description: VICE PRESIDENT of Marketing
Reports to: CEO
• Managerial Duties- Broad Overview
• Provide direction to the marketing department on company’s strategic initiatives.
• Establish mutually agreeable goals/objectives for tactical execution of strategic plan.
• Establish budget guidelines for marketing spending and gross profit.
• Manage marketing team to achieve/exceed budgeted expectations on marketing spending promotional spending, gross profit guidelines.
• Meet with other functional areas of the company to ensure proper communication with the sales team
• Communicate company strategy, goals, and objectives to our executive team
• Provide annual performance evaluations of Marketing Managers
• Work with marketing department and the CEO to develop strategic initiatives for the company.
• Manage daily direction of marketing team
• Execute marketing tactics through sales team
• 10+ years consumer marketing experience
• MBA preferred
• Commodity experience a plus
• Trade promotion background desired
• Marketing budget = $20m
• Direct Reports – 3 to 4
• Salary negotiable relative to experience