4 Traits of Highly Successful People

Highly successful people do many things that make them successful.  Here are four traits that enable them to keep a clear head, make better decisions, do more, and have a well-balanced life.

Highly successful people focus on solutions.

They don’t obsess about things that worry them.  Worry helps us by calling our attention to the problems that face us in the future.  Successful people don’t allow themselves to ruminate over the future.  They see opportunities, solutions, and success.  They create plans.  They take action.  They are too busy becoming successful to spend time worrying.  They are highly effective in focusing on solutions.

This is a lesson that I have to teach myself from time to time.  When I find that I am rolling the same painful thoughts through my head and come to no solution, I know now that I am worrying and that my worrying is stealing my success.  I turn to the things in front of me on my desk and work on the next right thing.

Highly successful people pause when they feel panicked.

They know to pause when they feel that urgent need to fight or flee.  They pause and clear their mind.  They take a deep breath.  They step away from the problem.  They bring in other people to help them make wise choices that lead to success.

They don’t dash off text messages that make problems worse.  They don’t become embroiled in arguments that ruin relationships.

They rise above their visceral feelings that hijack their intellect.  They think their way to solutions.

Sometimes, I write out things I want to say to people in an email and send the email to myself.  This exercise alone allows me to prevent my fear or anger from controlling my actions.

Highly successful people get in and get things done.

I worked with a recruiter who would drop her kids off at school, go straight to her office, and work until 3:00 PM.  She would then pick up her kids, drive home, and prepare dinner.  Where many recruiters work forty to fifty-hour hours a week to fill twenty jobs a year, she would fill seventy-five to one hundred jobs a year and work thirty-five hours a week.  I examined her routine very carefully, and she did very few things different from other recruiters.  She just did them more quickly.

Highly successful people don’t work around the clock.

Highly successful people live a balanced life.  They work hard.  Sometimes they push themselves to finish a project, even weeks at a time.  But they know to take breaks.  They take time for their family.  They take time to give to their communities and their causes.  They make wise choices in the food they eat.  They take time to exercise.  They take time to rest. They take time for recreation and entertainment.

Now that I have a virtual office, I find that it is far too easy to stay at my desk.  The way I break away is to decide that I will step away from my desk to do one simple thing.  When I have finished that task, I am often able to do other things away from my desk.  Also, I schedule things with people outside my work–my family or my friends.  These appointments enable me to do those things that help me to have a balanced life and be more productive when I am working.

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