Creating the Story of Why You are Great

Creating the Story of Why You are Great: What makes people want to hear or read about great people?  How can you make people want to hear or read about you?

Creating the Story

Think about the simple tools of advertising.

Advertisers use images.  They include music.  They create a message to try to appeal to you.

But why does advertising work? When does it become effective?

Strip away the images.  Turn off the music.  Delete the advertising copy.  Start with a blank sheet of paper.

What is the story that advertisers want you to know?

The Meaning of the Message

Of course, advertisers are presenting a product or service.  Advertisers are giving a sales pitch.

But the message is not just about the product or service.  The story is about what the product or service does for you.

Advertisers want you to see how the product or service will surround you with attractive people or take you to beautiful places.  They want to show you how the product or services make you feel safe or prosperous and popular.

Advertisers make their story about you.

Creating the Story of Why You are Great

Your story of why you are great works when you present like a rock star.  Rock stars become stars when they create a great experience for the audience.  The performance is not about the rock stars.  It is about the experience of the audience.

Of course, your story is about your accomplishments.  The story is about your work and your challenges.  It is also about how you turned your work and your challenges into success.

In fact, the audience may care about your success.  They may be happy for you.

However, what makes your story effective is how it makes the audience feel and think themselves.  Furthermore, telling your story correctly creates positive expectations from your audience.  You story will tell people why they should connect with you.  It will tell people why they should hire you or buy your product.