How to Write Anything and Make It Easy to Read

In an earlier post, I wrote about how to write letters that are easy to read.  What I wrote in that post applies to anything that you write.

Writing is part of the job for professionals in all types of fields and responsibilities. Here is an easy to use format anyone can use.

State the purpose in the opening sentence.  The first sentence expresses the subject.  If there are two or more subjects, list each of the subjects in the opening paragraph or in a list format below the opening paragraph.  The first paragraph is a summary of the information.  You tell the reader what you are going to tell them.

Capitalize the first line of the paragraph for each new subject.  The reader may only have time to scan information.  Your key points stand out in the brief statements that are in the capital letters.

When you are continuing with the same subject and want to emphasize a new element or change the subject from one sentence to the next, let the reader know.   Here are some ways to help your reader follow you.

  1. Write a transitional statement such: “Now I would like to discuss a new subject.”
  2. Use transitional words or phrases such as also, so, for this purpose, later.
  3. Use bold type for the first sentence.
  4. Start the first sentence of your paragraphs with the words First, Second, Third, and so forth.
  5. However, do not use bullets or numbered list to change the subject.  These lists organize the points of a one specific subject.

 Grammar is as important as content. I carefully review what I have written and use word processing software to check for mistakes.  I still make mistakes.  If you see any mistakes in my writing, please let me know.

In conclusion, the formula for writing anything is simple. State the subject in the opening sentence.  If you wish to write about multiple topics, just say so clearly in the opening paragraph.  Use capital letters and transitional devices to introduce each new subject.

Your readers will appreciate your writing so that what they are reading is easy to read.  You will find that the readers’ response to your writing will be more favorable as well.

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