10 Nifty Search Engine Tools for Business, Career, and College

The following search wording should work on most search engines. Also, except for the math phrases, the job search engine at JayWren.com and most other job search engines are enabled to use these search phrases.

The source for these phrases comes from Google.com.  What that fact means is that if you are looking for a job or a company and any other career information, Google encourages you to use these types of search elements along with Google Advanced Search.

25 * 25 = 625 (Google.com displays a calculator)

Fill in the blank
Example: “career * manager” will return career development manager, career services manager, etc.

Exclude words and websites with a minus sign:

Example: career OR planning -manager -site:linkedin.com

Only these words in any order
Example: career AND planning AND manager

Exact phrase
” ”
Example:  “career planning manager”

Any of these words
Example: career OR planning OR manager

Ranging from-to
Example: 77009..77015

Specific website
Example: resume site:jaywren.com

Specific URL
link: jaywren.com
Example: resume link:jaywren.com

URLs that are similar
related: jaywren.com
Example: resume link:jaywren.com

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