Red and Green Lines: Good for Links, Bad for Resumes

Have you ever noticed how some word documents are lit up with red and green lines?

Those lines are the method word-processing software uses to call attention to errors in a document.  To most of us, that information is common knowledge.  Therefore, I am surprised when I see those lines show up so often in business letters and resumes.

There are settings in MS Word to prevent those lines from appearing.  Using those settings, however, puts the writer at the disadvantage of not having the lines to help catch mistakes.

The most common mistake that creates the lines is an incomplete sentence.  Some examples might read like the following statements:

Bullet Point For Microsoft Word

A better way to make the same statements is to make bullet point lists and leave off the period at the end of each listed point:

  • Led the nation in sales
  • Promoted  three people
  • Reduced operating costs

I hope this helps some of you find that you have less red and green lines on your resumes and more interviews offers from the people who read them.