Set a Pace that Enables You To Be More Productive.

Performance takes energy.

Peak performance takes knowing the pace for the race to use energy most effectively.

I ran a 10K run in which I was wildly excited to get started.

I came out and set my pace as closely as I could to the runners who appeared to be the best runners in the event.

Along about three miles, I was done.  I was so exhausted that I decided that the smartest thing that I could do was to decide on the shortest route to my car and go home.  I have since learned that I became exhausted at about the distance knowledgeable runners would have predicted.

My work day can be like that 10K run.

I can sprint and be exhausted or set a pace for the day’s requirements.

Rapidly moving from task to task can be very productive…for a short day.

Trying to sprint an entire day becomes grueling, less productive, and discouraging.  Setting a pace and taking one task at a time enables me to end the day with the presence of mind to review what I have done and create the agenda for the next day.

I try to know the pace for the race each day.

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