Internet Profile: Creating Your Internet Brand

Internet Profile 1

Internet Profile: your internet profile is more than your identity on the Internet.  This profile becomes your personal and professional brand. ~

The Contents of an Internet Profile

An online profile has some or all the following elements:

  • Your name
  • Picture
  • Skills
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Training
  • Accomplishments
  • And your comments and likes.

When you publish your profile online, you have listed yourself in Internet databases across multiple search engines.  For example, search Jay Wren and you will find multiple listings of my Internet profile.

Your Internet Brand

What you write about yourself and what you comment and like become your Internet brand.

Your internet profile shapes the way people think and feel about you.

Controversy and Risks

Sex, politics, race, religion, and sports are topics that can stain your online profile.  These issues are polarizing.  People who disagree with your opinions on these subjects have a visceral aversion to you.

Buyers and employers flee when they see online profiles that makes them dislike the person or company.

Therefore, only post comments that create the impression you want to create.  If you have a career in politics, sports, or religion, post about those subjects.  However, be aware that what you say on the Internet can have a lasting effect on your reputation.  Once that information is out there, your being able to cut them from the Internet is difficult.

Where Do Your Publish Your Internet Profile?

You publish your online profile on websites.  Many people have online profiles on more than one website.  For example, I have my business profile on my website and on LinkedIn

Furthermore, you can create greater awareness by linking your profile on one site to your accounts at other sites.  I have my Twitter account, Tumblr account, Pinterest account, and Google Plus account like to this website. 

Benefits from Your Online Profile

  1. If you publish your online profile on your own website, you can sell goods and services directly from your website.  In this case, you have more freedom and control over your content and the brand image you wish to create.
  2. Once you have established an online profile on most social media sites, you can create groups that bring people together.  A group attracts members who create content that in turn attracts other people to become aware of your profile from your online group.
  3. You can extend your professional network and build relationships by helping people through connections, recommendations, or introductions.
  4. In turn, these people can help you make connections, receive recommendations, and make introductions to new people.
  5. Your online profile is important to help you set up an image as a person or a company.  Through your updates to your online profile, you build your brand.
  6. You profile becomes similar to a newsletter and makes it possible for people to follow your updates.

Content in Your Profile

For search engines, content is king.  Whenever you post anything on the Internet, you are creating content.  As you create content, your name or your company name appears more often in search engine results.

Some companies divert money from advertising to the cost of creating content on social media.  By posting content on a regular basis, you create awareness, interest, and engagement.  Where you start is through creating your online profile.