Be Extraordinary: Be Grateful.

I am going to be extraordinary today by appreciating that I have the present moment to be effective at my job, love my friends and my family, and experience life.  For those things and many other things I am grateful.

My wife went through the experience last night of buying a gift for a friend who is very ill. On my wife’s mind was whether this is the last year she will have this friend to share gifts.

There are times when my friends and my family frustrate me. I forget that my friends and family are humans and that they get tired or hungry or have trying days and may be unpleasant. I forget that I get tired or hungry or have trying days and may be less impatient.

There are times when my job seems impossible. I feel overwhelmed. I forget that I can only do one task at a time and that I can only do that task in the present moment.

I forget that life is not made up of a past and a future. Life is only the present moment. I can mentally project into the future. I can ruminate on the past. Yet I must remember that planning for the future or repairing the past can only happen in the present moment.

Only in the present moment can I have the wisdom to be excellent at my job, make any decision, taste food, smell the air, speak with my friends, hug my family, and count my blessings.

So in this present moment, my wife has bought her gift for her friend and when the moment arrives will share this gift with her friend.

Sharing gifts with friends or making decisions that determine the failure or success of corporations both take place at the same time: in the present moment.  I a going to be extraordinary today by remaining in the present moment and remembering that counting my blessings is a good way to remain in the present moment.

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