Interview Tips: the Chemistry of the Job Interview

For some hiring managers, the chemistry of the job interview influence hiring decisions as skills.  Hiring decisions have so much to do with chemistry that personal chemistry might be the biggest element in the interview process.  Think about it.  The interviewer has read your resume.  This person must have some reason to believe that you are qualified for the job.

I have heard more than one hiring manager say that they have made their decision within the first five minutes.  They spend the rest of the time reconfirming their decision.

Therefore, from there, the interviewer is interviewing you to learn five things:

  1. Confirm the details from your resume
  2. Determine whether you can successfully apply your skills to the job you are seeking
  3. Get an understanding of your interest in the job and whether the job is a fit for you
  4. Evaluate your reliability and your potential
  5. Decide if your personal chemistry will mix with the culture or personal chemistry of the company.

If you spend an hour interviewing for a job for that matches your skills and qualifications, the factor that determines whether you get the job is whether you have the chemistry to fit into the company as well as other candidates.

Therefore, put effort into putting your best foot forward and making a great first impression.  Show an interest in the interviewer and in the hiring company.  Use open gestures.  Sit up straight and comfortably.  Smile.  Show the interviewer you have prepared for the interview by talking about the things that interest about the company.  Have a meaning list of questions and ask them as the interview progresses.

When you meet the interviewer, you should smile.  Give them a firm handshake.  Listen to what the interviewer is discussing.  Listen to what the interviewer is asking you to discuss, and just be honest.  Your smile, your interest, and your chemistry will increase your chances of getting the job.


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