Does Your Boss Hate You?

Does Your Boss Hate You?
Does your boss hate you or is your boss just cranky?  What are the signs?  What are your options?  Should you just ignore the situation?  Should you take action?

What are the signs?

Your boss focuses on problems with you.  Your boss criticizes you more than your boss criticizes anyone else.  Other people get glowing performance reviews. Can you discuss the situation with your boss? Your performance review is full of criticism.  Other people are getting pay raises.  You are not.  Other people are getting promotions.  You are not.  Your boss has begun to give more of your work to your coworkers.

Can you discuss the situation with your boss?

If you can talk with your boss about the situation, explain that you want to do a great job.  Ask for advice on how you can do a better job.

When the problem is real, what should you do?

Document your work.  Build a record of your daily performance to show that you are doing a great job.  List the tasks your boss gives you.  List the results of your work on these tasks.  Communicate with your boss in writing.

What are your job options?

Can you find a job at your current company working for a different supervisor?  Should you start looking for another job?  Is you resume polished and ready to go?  Have you explored the jobs that look like a fit for you at other companies?

What do your confidants tell to you to do?

Turn to the people you trust and ask for their advice.  Ask the people you trust about what they think about your situation.  Ask these people for their ideas on job options and confidential referrals.  Get their advice on the best way to protect yourself in your current situation.

Subscribe to career newsletters.

Most career websites, including this one, have newsletters that can help you with advice and information on how to deal with your current situation.  Subscribe to those newsletters.  Search these websites for additional articles on dealing with a difficult boss.

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