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The Real Jobs are on Google Page 2

The Real Jobs are on Google Page 2

Are you finding that searching for jobs with Google search is fruitless?  There is a reason for that.  The real jobs are on Google page 2.  Perhaps, it is better to say that the real jobs are on page 2 or greater.

Google ranks websites based on how many other sites link to those website not on the facts.  Therefore, the search results that you get when you are doing job searches on Google will show you the listings on the most popular websites first.

The job listings you will see first are the jobs on Indeed, Monster, and other job listing websites.

The experience of trying to sort through job listings on the first page or even page or 2 of Google is that you keep finding the big job boards are just in the way of your search.

Google wants to rank pages based on the accuracy of the facts and has a process in development. (New Scientist

For now, job seekers will need to dig deeper into the back pages of search results to get the real job market and not just the bundle of highly linked websites that smother the top of the list.

As an illustration, I entered “product manager Houston TX” without the quotation marks.  I found ten job listings, none of which came from Indeed, Monsters, Career Builders, or Simply Hired.

As a matter of practice, try beginning your search on the back pages of the Google results.   You will be amazed at how many more jobs than what you have seen from continually conducting searches and reviewing what you find on page one of your Google returns.

For an in-depth look at conducting job searches on Google instead of going strictly to job boards, please visit an article I posted at this link:

Image: Yoel Ben-Avraham/Flickr

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