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4 Skills of Super Productive People

4 Skills of Super Productive People

4 Skills of Super Productive People

“You have too much to do. Some days you feel productive, others leave you with too little to show for all of your time. Why can’t you be one of those super productive people who chunks through tasks and goes home at 5:00?”

Source: 4 Skills That Separate The Super Productive From Everyone Else – Forbes

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Mobile Search Now Exceeds Desktop Search


Google Search 1
Mobile Search Now Exceeds Desktop Search

For small business owners, going mobile on their company website is important but often complicated.  However, the importance of a website that responds to a mobile screen becomes increasingly important.

Google’s search chief Amit Singhal said for the first time this summer, more Google searches were completed on mobile devices than desktop computers. Singhal said Google fields more than 100…

Source: Mobile Searches Surpass Desktop Searches at Google For The First Time | TechCrunch

The Secret History of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


The Secret History of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

I have taken this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). I learned a great deal about myself. In this article, discusses the challenges in discovering the history of the most famous personality indicator in the world.

“Uncovering the Secret History of Myers-Briggs: To obtain a hard copy of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), the most popular personality test in the world, one must first spend $1,695 on a week-long certification program run by the Myers & Briggs Foundation of Gainesville, Florida.”

Source: Uncovering the Secret History of Myers-Briggs – Digg

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Paying CEOs fat bonuses for stock performance doesn't work — Cornell study - Yahoo Finance

Fat CEO Bonuses for Stock Performance Doesn't Work

Fat CEO Bonuses for Stock Performance Doesn’t Work: Cornel Study via Yahoo:

“Offering bonuses to a CEO to improve shareholder returns doesn’t improve the company’s performance, according to a new study by Cornell University and consultants Pearl Meyer & Partners.”

Source: Paying CEOs fat bonuses for stock performance doesn’t work — Cornell study – Yahoo Finance

12 Powerful Ideas for Landing Your Next Job



12 Powerful Ideas for Landing Your Next Job


Counter Offers: The Reason That You Resigned Seldom Goes Away If You Stay.”

Companies give counter offers when the timing works against them to lose a person. However, unless the reason you resigned have gone away, taking a counter offer means that you are returning to work where have shown disloyalty by looking for another job. Read more.


The Best Time To Change Jobs

Changing jobs is one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. That statement does not mean that job changes do not bring high rewards. Getting married, having children, and buying a house are also among the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. Yet these experiences are rewarding. Read more.

To make any major life change successful and rewarding requires preparation, planning, and timing.


How To Handle The Interview Question What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

I made the mistake of answering this question honestly during an interview for a promotion. I did get the promotion.

However, my new supervisor had an annoying habit of reminding me of my answer to that question during our work together.

Being able to answer this question is part of standard interview preparation. What should I have answered when he asked me about my greatest weakness? Here are some options that would have helped me.


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Top Trending Jobs by Title

Jobs by Title

Account Executive Account Manager Accountant Actuary Administrative Assistant Analyst Applications Engineer Art Director Assistant Manager Assistant Store Manager Assistant Vice President Associate Director Attorney Auditor Branch Manager Business Analyst Business Development Manager Cashier Civil Engineer Consultant Customer Service Representative Data Analyst Design Engineer Developer Director Doctor Electrical Engineer Engineer Executive Assistant Finance Manager Financial Manager Financial Analyst Flight Attendant General Manager Graphic Designer Hardware Engineer Human Resources Investment Banker IT Analyst IT Manager IT Specialist Java Developer Law Clerk Manager Marketing Director Marketing Manager Mechanical Engineer Network Engineer Nurse Office Manager Operations Analyst Operations Manager Pharmacist Software Engineer Process Engineer Product Manager Program Manager Programmer Programmer Analyst Project Engineer Project Manager QA Engineer Recruiter Registered Nurse Research Assistant Research Analyst Research Associate Sales Sales Associate Sales Engineer Sales Manager Sales Representative Surgeon Software Engineer Systems Engineer Technical Staff Web Developer Top Trending Jobs by Title

Making Contacts Tips for Wallflowers

Making Contacts

Making Contacts Tips for wallflowers

Some people just enjoy meeting other people, but even these people find times when introducing themselves around a room can make them feel insecure. What do you do when the focus is on you? Adriana Gardella, writing for RealSimple.com, has some terrific tips for introverts or even people who suffer moments of insecurity in a crowd:

“Whether you’re happily employed or seriously hunting for a new job, schmoozing is smart policy. But what if you’re the type who’d rather stick needles in her eyes than “work a room”? Here are five super-helpful strategies from the pros.”

Source: Networking Tips for Introverts | Real Simple

Image: Stefano Montagner

Are We Better Off With Fewer Frinds?

Fewer Friends

Are We Better Off With Fewer Friends?

Quart writer Tony Crabbe seems to think so. Read what he has to say on the subject.

Source: Why we’re better off with fewer friends – Quartz

Colleges and Universities That Do Not Require SAT or ACT Scores

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Colleges and Universities That Do Not Require SAT or ACT Scores

Are you a great student but have weak skills in taking standardized tests? Hundreds of colleges and universities are looking for students like you.

FairTest | The National Center for Fair and Open Testing provides a list of over 800 colleges and universities that place a lower value on the SAT or the ACT:

“This list includes institutions that are “test optional,” “test flexible” or otherwise de-emphasize the use of standardized tests by making admissions decisions about substantial numbers of applicants who recently graduated from U.S. high schools without using the SAT or ACT.As the notes indicate, some schools exempt students who meet grade-point average or class rank criteria while others require SAT or ACT scores but use them only for placement purposes or to conduct research studies. Please check with the school’s admissions office to learn more about specific admissions requirements, particularly for international or non-traditional students.”

Source: FairTest | The National Center for Fair and Open Testing

FairTest also lists of “195 “Top Tier” Schools which Deemphasize the ACT/SAT in Admissions Decisions per U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Guide.”

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Google Now Offering Ad-Blocking Service

Block Ads

Google Now Offering Ad-Blocking Service

Now you can pay Google to block Google ads. This ad-blocking program is a win-win for websites and the people who view them.

“Contribute a few dollars each month. See fewer ads. It’s that simple. The money you contribute helps fund the sites you visit.”

Source: Contributor – Google

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