Mindful Moments: A More Powerful Way to Think for Success

Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments: How do great minds gain focus to make great decisions?

In the existence of humans, infinity is a series of moments. Mindful moments empower us to be alert, aware, and engaged. ~ www.jaywren.com

When I focus on my thoughts, I give them power.  Productive, healthy thinking leads to success. Distracted, painful thinking leads to mistakes.

When I am regretting the past or fearing the future, I am creating distractions with my own thoughts.  Furthermore, when I am analyzing my work instead of simply doing my work, I am creating mental clutter in the pathway of clear thinking.

Clearing My Thinking

I am responsible for the thoughts I hold in my head. Sometimes, all I have to do is change the conversation I am having with myself.  However, sometimes, I have to do some simple things to change my thinking.

A Fresh Mind

Getting plenty of rest from a good night’s sleep is the first step in having a fresh mind.

A second step is to take breaks during the day.  Going for a walk or simply stepping away from my desk and sitting quietly help refresh my mind.

Meditation also helps, both in the short term and the long term.  People who practice daily meditation in the form of breathing, mantras, or prayers develop healthier, more trusting minds.  These practices allow the person to become centered or have faith.  They see the world around them.

A Higher Level of Thinking

When athletes are at their highest level of thinking, their mind intuitively adjusts. They process decisions without analysis. They enter a state of mental flow.

This state is the healthiest form of thinking.  We are free from anxiety, regret, and distractions.  Our mind makes decisions before we realize that the need to make a decision.

Mindful Moments

Most people have mindful moments.  They sense life around them and have healthy emotions that are appropriate to their experience.  Likewise, they think clearly.

Building the flow of mindful moments leads to a more powerful way to think for success.