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Focus on Work

Focus on Work

Focus on Work:  this simple principle determines my work success.

Work Focus

When I am the most successful at work, I focus on the job.  I don’t focus on my issues with other people.  I don’t focus on my feelings of frustration with my job or my life.  I don’t focus on jobs that I will have to do later.  I don’t focus Internet surfing or social media mingling.

Failure to Focus on Work

I don’t always focus on my work.  I wish I could say that I did.  However, I am human.  I do have distractions.  I sometimes goof off.  Sometimes, I’d rather focus on anything but work.  To quote a former business partner, “There’s a reason they call it work.”  It is not always fun.  Work is a priority I set for the things I need to do to experience the rewards of my work.  Work is what I am supposed to do when I am at work.  Sometimes work is pure fun, and I am completely focused on my work.  I am completely engaged in my work.

Sometimes I have to put some effort into focusing on what I am doing at work.  I have to work at working.  When I don’t focus on work at work, my work suffers.  My productivity goes down.  Time flies by, the day ends, and I miss the rewards that I could have had from focusing on work.

Work Aperture

The aperture on a camera is the setting for how wide the shutter opens when a photographer takes a picture.  The width of the shutter opening determines the distance at which objects are in focus.  A wider opening will result in images at a distance being fuzzy or out of focus.  On cameras with a barrel that shows the view directly through the lens of the camera (Single Lens Reflex or SLR), the setting is the f-stop on the barrel of the camera.  A wider aperture setting puts the focus of a picture on things that are close to the camera.  I need to use a wide aperture setting so that the work right in front of me is in focus and so that the work at a distance is out of focus.

The Productive Aperture  

When I am working, I can’t allow myself to ruminate on what might happen.  I have had a lot of problems.  Most of them have never happened.

Therefore, when I am working on a long-term plan, I use a wide aperture setting to keep my work in front of me in focus.  At work, ruminating about the future as though I am gazing at a distant mountain range in a picture is a waste of work time.  To be productive, I have to focus at events in the future when I can put them down on paper or schedule them on my calendar.  At work, I keep an f-stop 2.8 setting (the widest possible setting) on my lens.  I only need to focus on the things on which I am taking action.

Image: Mark Hunter/Flickr

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