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The Power of Your Online Profile

Your Online Profile

A basic online profile is simply an outline that has some or all the following elements:  your name, picture, skills, employment history, education, training, and accomplishments.  When you publish your profile online, you have listed yourself in the Internet directory across all search engines.

Managed correctly, your online profile can become the platform for your professional brand and advertising campaign.  Here are six ways to build your awareness to your profile:

  1. From your profile, you create a Facebook page or a LinkedIn business page.  These pages are free advertising to promote for your career, your company’s services, or your company’s products.
  2. If you publish your online profile on your own website, you can sell goods and services directly from your website.  In this case, you have more freedom and control over your content and the brand image you wish to create.
  3. Once you have established an online profile on most social media sites, you can create groups that bring people together.  A group attracts members who create content that in turn attracts other people to become aware of your profile from your online group.
  4. You can extend your professional network and build relationships by helping people through connections, recommendations, or introductions.
  5. In turn, these people can help you make connections, receive recommendations, or make introductions to new people.
  6. Your online profile is important to help you set up an image as a person or a company.  Through your updates to your online profile, you build your brand.
  7. You profile becomes similar to a newsletter for the people who follow your profile online.  You can add value to your personal or business brand through your online profile.

For search engines, content is king.  Whenever you post anything on a membership site, you are creating content.  As you create content, your name, or your company name appears more often in search engine results, sometimes even when you have not signed into a membership site.

Some companies divert money from advertising to the cost of creating content on social media.  With a little time every day on a regular basis, you can do the same thing without spending a dime.  Where you start is through creating your online profile.

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Hiring Assessment and Selection

Hiring Assessment and Selection

Do you want to learn more about hiring assessment and selection processes?

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has a model that can help job applicants and hiring companies understand how to become more effective with assessment and selection processes.

“Welcome to the Assessment and Selection website. This website provides resources for people who want to learn more about personnel assessment, assessment methods, steps to designing effective assessment strategies, and the importance of effective personnel assessment.”

Hiring Assessment and Selection

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New Hire Training

Employee Engagement and Employee Relations

At Polaroid and at Procter & Gamble, we had peer-to-peer training for the first week, followed by a week of orientation and training for groups of new hires.

Our immediate supervisors were responsible for the ongoing training of basic skills. They were also responsible for the introduction and training on new initiatives, projects, and products.

In the case of major promotions and new product launches, both companies used larger regional meetings. Polaroid used semi-annual meetings for entire departments. The company would set us all up in a hotel for four or five days of intense training and review.

In each element of training, the companies established the expectations for training at the beginning of the training process. The trainers and supervisors reviewed everyone based on ability to discuss the objectives of the meetings.

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How to Show or Hide LinkedIn Updates

The Real Jobs

If you are conducting a job search, you may want to hide your LinkedIn updates.

On the other hand, if you are trying to create awareness of your career move or promote your company or services, you may want to show your LinkedIn updates.

This page on LinkedIn instructs you on how to control what you show and what you hide in your updates. “Showing or Hiding Activity Updates About You.”

How to Show or Hide LinkedIn Updates

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From Strategy to Execution

From Strategy to Execution

My experiences as a Navy officer and in sales at Procter & Gamble and Polaroid Corporation were very positive when executing strategy.

In these organizations, everyone had specific tasks as part of their job function. When we implemented strategy, each department responded by doing their role in the strategy execution.

Interestingly enough, each of these organizations had very independent silos where departments did not spend a lot of time talking with each other once the strategy went into the execution phase. Everyone already knew what to do.

During strategy development, heads of the separate departments would create interdepartmental teams to work out the strategy.  In the execution phase, however, the teams worked on their specific departmental tasks.  This process allowed each person to focus on that person’s job.

The rigidity was these silos was a matter of strict procedural direction. People in each department did what their job description instructed them to do. I was in sales. I never picked up the phone and called the marketing department or the research and development department.

However, these organizations had a communications system to move feedback to the right people. In the Navy, everything went through the commanding officer. It …More»

Winning Websites with Google Mobile

Winning with Google Mobile and Maps too

If you use a website for your career or your business, you might find this blog post helpful.

Google recently made major changes in their algorithm. Google designed the new algorithm to do a number of things. Here are three of them.

To return results on websites based on the relevance of the information users are seeking To cut the bias toward sites based on high web traffic To return results on sites that interface effectively with mobile devices.

One of the websites I manage is Heights Station Antiques in Houston, TX. This retailer has been a popular antiques store since 1977.

To measure the SEO effectiveness of the websites I manage, I use keyword search terms to see where the sites come up in the search results. The keywords I use to test the SEO on this website are “Houston antiques.” For over a year, this website had been near the top of the returns for Google search results.

After the changes that Google made in the algorithm, I noticed that the website had gone from the top of the listings in Google search results to the bottom of the Google search results.

I updated …More»