Has the Recession Ended for Workers?

Real Gross Domestic Product 2010 - 2014

Real Gross Domestic Product Growth is up (preceding chart).

The percent of the population that has found jobs is down (following chart).

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey 2004 2015Job growth among women is up dramatically against job growth for men (following chart).

Employment Share for Women

The number of hires has increased even though the percent of the population employed is down (following chart).

Hires, Total Separations, and Employment

Charts:  Bureau of Economic Analysis, United States Department of CommerceBureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor

Employee Engagement and Employee Relations

Employee Engagement and Employee Relations

Employee Engagement and Employee Relations. How are they different? How do they affect a company’s success?

Two of the most popular discussions I have seen on business blogs and business forums are these two subjects.

What do the experts say?

Definition of Employee Engagement

“Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure …More»

4 Common Job Search Myths

4 Common Job Search Myths

There are 4 job search myths that can prevent you from finding the perfect job.

Myth #1 Interview Skills

Let’s debunk the myth that interview skills are not important. If you believe that you only need to show that you are qualified to get a job offer, you are going to lose job …More»

Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

Ask me anything. Do you have questions about how to find a job? If your question has usefulness to other applicants, I will answer your question here on Jaywren.com. I will keep you identity confidential.

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Google Job Searches

Google Job Searches

Job Search Engines

Indeed and SimplyHired have become very popular as job search engines.  These search engines return results for jobs listed with their company.  They also return results for jobs posted on job boards.  However, these job search engines often list their jobs first.  Jobs from other job sources may be back …More»

Employment Gaps on Your Resume

Employment Gaps on Your Resume

If you have employment gaps on your resume, you are not alone. It is not usual for job seekers to have employment gaps. People take a year off work to travel. Some people have these employment gaps from periods of recession. In other cases, job seekers have been in a situation where the …More»